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Monday, September 19, 2016

If you are looking for great short story you are in the right place. Azure and Halu with their story will entertain you. I realized that this story has many weakness especially in grammatical structure so please leave your comment for improve my skill in writing. Untuk kalian yang mencari tugas cerpen bahasa Inggris yang menarik dan seru dengan bahasa yang mudah dimengerti lagi-lagi kalian berada di tempat yang tepat. Cerpen Bahasa Inggris ini dilengkapi dengan translate/terjemahan ke dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Akan tetapi, terjemahan bahasa Indonesianya belum saya post untuk saat ini, tapi akan segera saya post jika kalian butuh terjemahannya just leave a comment kirimi saya komentar untuk terjemahannya.

A Hidden Love

Twelve years ago there was a little boy and a little girl lived in a beautiful village. The two little children felt happy as a friendship. The name of little boy was  Halu and the little girl was Azure. Every day, they spent their time to play in the prairie near their village.
One day in one sunset Halu came to meet Azure in their favorite field but at this time it was not for playing, Halu came to say good bye. Before Azure asked, Halu went without an explanation. Azure confused with Halu. She trapped in thought what was wrong with her best friend. As children she was afraid to lose a best friend. She couldn’t imagine that she was playing without her best friend but the  explaining from her mother made her heart felt better that Halu was gone because of a big problem in his family.
Azure grew up as a beautiful and kind girl. She was twenty one years old but she was never going steady with any boy. She was a close minded, at least that the boy reason why they wouldn’t be closer with Azure.
One day Azure was asked by her mother to go to the market in Slitzerland, a town near her village. Azure was looking for mango as her favorite fruits there. In Slitzerland market, she found the only fruit seller that sold the last mango. Fortunately, the last mango was taken by a tall man. The man said to the mango seller that the mango was special for his girlfriend. Although it was the last mango in the sell table Azure tried to ask for possibility another mango but it was really the last.
She felt sad, with a slow step, she passed a small path in the market that brought her to meet the man who took the last one mango. The man gave the mango to Azure and asked “do you still remember me?” Azure didn’t say anything until she looked at the face in front of her, with soft voice, she asked “Halu?” Azure kept her eye on Halu face. This was their first meeting since they were in a long distance twelve years ago. She tried to say “how are you?” but the word was totally hard to say. At the time she felt strange in her heart, her body suddenly warm but she didn’t sick. “Azure? Are you ok” a soft voice heard from Halu that made Azure little shock and wake her up. “Yes, oh ehm I am ok” answered Azure. It was a good starting for them since twelve years ago.
Day by day they became closer. The day was a beautiful day to spend their time in the middle of grass field, their favorite place in the past. Under a big tree, Halu told many thing to Azure, they really looked enjoy their togetherness. Suddenly, when they were laughing, their eyes met each other, but both of them moved their eyes quickly. Their meeting eyes made Azure finally saw the eye that her miss and it was succeed to make Azure felt something that she never felt before. It was like there were butterflies flying in her stomach, the feeling was too fun. She tried hard to positive thinking although her heart asking “am I falling in love with Halu?”
The day after yesterday and the next day until a week  and now a month since they were met. Azure’s feeling grew stronger and stronger. One night she was lying under a thousand stars she looked at the star but the only star for her it was just Halu. She made sure that she was really falling in love with Halu. The night for the first time she called of Halu by mobile phone to meet in their favorite field. She would talk something to Halu, a special thing. Halu responded it by saying so did him. The conversation was ended with Halu respond.
A day before their meeting, Azure prepare a bracelet, she made it when she was children with Halu but it didn’t finish when Halu was gone. She finished it by herself.
She arrived in the field, the field looked beautiful with green grass as far as eye looked and it was been more beautiful with small yellow flower. Gusts of wind made the landscape looked more wonderful. She walked in the middle of the field but suddenly she dropped her bracelet. In front of the sunset, she looked Halu hugged another girl.
Halu came to her with happy face and the girl walked behind him. Azure kept silent when her tears fall in her cheek. She felt foolish of loving Halu but Halu had a girlfriend and Halu had said it from the first time in mango seller. Halu wondered about what happened, before he asked, Azure ran to leave them without saying anything.
Without thinking anymore Azure ran to her home and said to her mother that she would marry the man who was chosen by her mother. Azure’s mother wonder and asked Azure “are you sure?”. “Yes, I am” Azure answered quickly. Next day in early morning, they left their home to go to her grandmother home and marrying there.
Four years later Azure back to her village and visited the field, her favorite place with Halu. She looked inside the orange sunset. Suddenly someone said “it is still beautiful, right?” after a long time since she was marrying, for the first time she felt her heart beating again hearing the voice.
The yellow sun made around the field seemed orange, both of them was blown by a soft wind. Halu sad “it is the most beautiful that I had ever seen”.
“The sunset?” Azure was asking.
“No it is you” Halu continuing by told what happened in their last meeting. The girl that Halu hugged  was her sister, who really wanted to see her prospective sister in law.
“You have married and it is really hurt for me, it is totally hard to face the world with fact it is impossible to have you as mine”.
“What! Why you didn’t tell me from the first time. Why?”
“I have tried to tell you with coming to your home almost every day with hoped there was a magic that brought me to meet you and I had found the bracelet which was explained to me that you love me. Fortunately, it is different now because you have had a husband and please listen  to me, never leave your husband for anything”.
“Why I can’t, I love you and do you know? It is really hard to live with someone who you don’t love” Azure answered with emotional feeling.
“No don’t do that, let me be the only one. Today as our last togetherness in front of the sunset I will tell you something that I want to say from the first. It is ehmm I love you so much in my past, present, and in my future. After this all, let’s try to forget our love and make it disappear just like the sunset. The destiny seems won’t let us together”.
                Azure was silent, when the tears trailed down on her cheeks. The tears seemed represent what she  wanted to say. 
Finally both of them lived with their own life. Azure lived with regret every day besides trying to love her husband although it was totally hard to forget her true love. After their last meeting she never heard about Halu anymore. Inside her heart she missed Halu too much. It was too bad life in two sides and her last word said that “if you had have lose someone very important to you and you ordinary know how it feels and if you haven’t you can’t possibly imagine it”.




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    1. Tunngu yah min akan segera di upload sebelum akhir bulan oktober thanks for read :)

  2. I want to tears to read this , why this can be happend :(

    1. Yes that's happened naturally we never know where destiny bring us. Fall in love doesn't mean we should stay together we didn't have such the power to control this life. Thank u so much for read I appreciate it. Thanks

  3. this story is soooo emotionaalll:”((

  4. ahh tears come when i read this story